About Us

We were established in 1986 as a small family enterprise. It's founder, Vaun Ursel, operated the business as its sole proprietor, continuing a legacy of craftsmanship demonstrated by others in his family. Vaun pursued his painting craft with diligence, painstaking attention to detail, excellent quality and consistent service, his faith informing these values that endure as pillars of our organization today. Future City, his chosen name for the company, is a biblical reference that can be found in the book of Hebrews. It represents a future city whose architect and builder are God. Today, our mission is to continue this legacy of craftsmanship and service, reflected in our core values and vision statement.


These values represent the heart of our company. We recognize, promote and reward our team according to these criteria because we desire that they come to life through each team member that partners with us.
Craftsmanship, "pursuing excellence in skill areas"
Industrious, "pursuing smart execution"
Safety, "pursuing safe worksites through careful practices"
Integrity, "pursuing transparency, fairness and respect"
Unity, "pursuing shared goals and rewards"
Affirm, "pursuing motivation through encouragement"


We strive to satisfy every client, every time. We serve hundreds of clients and projects each year. Ensuring that each one is sufficiently addressed requires a specific and intentional process.

01 Scope
We work with each client at every project to define the central need and a particular solution to address it while adhering to necessary budgets and timelines. This scope is critical because it defines the criteria by which the project will be considered successfully complete. If there are multiple vendors expected to contribute toward a particular outcome, it is absolutely necessary to define and distribute the scope to all parties. Unfortunately, this step is often skipped to save time. The result can be disastrous to both the building's performance and bottom line. When a bid request is submitted to our team, we utilize every resource available to us to analyze and execute a solution, including our network of industry partners who provide expert knowledge, competitive pricing and warranties. We build a 'line-item' bid so that each stakeholder can see all of the recommended products and their required prep and application steps to ensure proper, permanent adhesion - no cut corners, no missing steps, no hidden costs.
02 Insurance & Employees
Once awarded, the bid becomes a job in our schedule. Clients are notified several days before the scheduled start date of their project and again only if unexpected challenges arise. Our field team of insured employees work relentlessly to ensure that all projects begin within 30 days of their awarded date and often much sooner. We stay up to date with all insurance coverages and are always happy to provide proof of insurance coverage when requested.
03 Specifications
Each product is produced with an MSDS (material safety data sheet). We actually read these spec sheets and follow their recommended application processes which capture all the variables that impact product performance and adhesion, such as temperature, moisture content, substrate prep and material thickness. Additionally, we adhere where applicable to the industry standards for industrial preparation and application as defined by SSPC. All of our full-time employees possess OSHA-required safety certification.
04 Subcontractors
Any subcontractors we may employ to offer additional services complementary to ours must submit current insurance certification and sign our confidentiality agreement before being permitted to begin their work. No exceptions.
05 Guarantee
We stand behind our work. When unforeseen challenges occur, we work directly with each client, doing whatever possible to ensure their satisfaction with the final result. Often, it is these moments of adversity that allow us to demonstrate the depth of our commitment to delivering a permanent solution.